Welcome to Nuada Medical

Welcome to Nuada Medical – delivering precision diagnostics and nuanced care to our patients.

Led by a collaborative team of world-class clinicians, Nuada is a centre of excellence in Urology, Gynaecology, Spinal Pain and Orthopaedics. Our expertise in diagnosing and treating specialist conditions – prostate cancer, menopause, incontinence, gynaecological cancers, sciatica and chronic pain – with leading-edge diagnostics and treatment pathways – HIFU, MR/US fusion, focal therapy, HRT,  neuromodulation, ultrasound – offers you an exceptional quality of care.

Located in the heart of the Harley Street Medical Area, we operate two day-case theatres and an advanced diagnostic suite including CT, fluoroscopy and ultrasound. Come visit for a tour of our facilities and an intro to our team.

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