About us

Nuada Medical delivers precision diagnostics and nuanced care to patients through our Gynaecology, Urology, Spine, Ultrasound and Mobile Services practices. We believe clinical care and medical services are optimised when delivered through a professional services culture, in which clinicians are co-owners and incentivised to collaborate and innovate.

Precision diagnostics

  • The highest degrees of accuracy
    Enabled by a suite of state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and the fusion of multiple technologies to achieve precise diagnostics.
  • The lowest degrees of invasiveness and patient discomfort
    As diagnostic procedures are guided by high-resolution images and precise data, and areas for treatment are localised & minimised.
  • An optimal combination of technology and expertise
    Our state-of-art and best-in-class diagnostic technology is optimised through our Investment in world-class medical professionals.

 Nuanced care

  • Treatment based on precision diagnostics
    Nuada specialises in localised, minimally invasive treatment – aiming to replace radical approaches, such as mastectomy or prostectomy, with focal therapies. The fusion of multiple modal diagnoses drives continued nuanced care.
  • An approach completely focused on the individual patient
    Collaboration and cross-referral across multiple expertise areas allow us to achieve the best outcomes for each patient, and our innovative use of diagnostic information gives us powerful tools of communications with patients, enabling them to make informed choices about treatment.
  • Enables individual patient pathways from diagnosis through completion of treatment
    The continual generation of accurate information supports surveillance and/or treatment choices as needed.

A professional services culture

  • Nuada is owned and run by all of its employees, giving everyone a commitment to the highest standards of service.
  • Co-ownership underpins the Nuada approach.
    • collaboration and cross-referral amongst medical professionals
    • patient-led approach
    • adaptation to change
    • culture of innovation
  • Medical practitioners are key to both governance and executive roles.