History & Development

Nuada Medical was established in 2010 as an imaging centre of excellence, specialising in advanced prostate imaging as well as neurological and musculoskeletal scanning with a 3T MRI.

From its core imaging business, Nuada has attracted best-in-class clinicians who are interested in the precision diagnostics that our combination of technology and expertise enables them to practice, and we have established several specialist medical practice divisions run by clinicians who, through our professional services approach, work collaboratively and embrace innovation in their practice.

Our Gynaecology, Urology and Spine practices are led by some of the best and most highly regarded consultants in their fields, all practicing and researching the most advanced methods of treatment and diagnosis, as well as being exceptional general practitioners in their respective fields of medicine.

Clinicians who came to Nuada are driven by a collaborative approach to both medical practice and to service delivery, and our professional services model has evolved to harness this. It drives a standard of excellence in both clinical care and in delivering exemplary patient experiences, which continues to attract new patients and clinicians. Clinicians at both board and executive levels ensure that patients are at the centre of all decision making at Nuada.