Bringing the latest Prostate Cancer diagnostic pathways and therapy to your practice

So often it can be difficult to introduce the latest techniques and technology to your Urology Service.

Budget constraints, fast moving technology, capital expenditure plus theatre staff and clinician training are the most common limiting factors.

Nuada Mobile Services provides you with a highly efficient and cost effective rental option to access all the latest equipment, technical support and clinical proctoring required to introduce a new Prostate Cancer diagnostic pathway to your Urology Practice.


Benefits of the Mobile Services

Equipment hire, installation and de-installation

We bring you the latest equipment for transperineal prostate biopsies, MRI fusion and HIFU therapy. Our equipment is fully serviced and we handle the installation and de-installation for each list. We will also provide relevant consumables for each procedure.

Application Specialist

A key aspect of our services, your Application Specialist is an expert in the technical and software aspects of the equipment and will look after the equipment throughout the list.

Proctoring Services

We provide clinical proctors for first procedures.


We will liaise with you and ensure compliance with all hospital regulations - i.e. electrical safety testing, infection control etc.

Service options

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