nuada4 The developments in multi-parametric MRI have opened the door to major improvements in the field of prostate biopsies. The combination of pre-diagnostic MRI and targeted biopsies, using transperineal template techniques has led to increased sensitivity and specificity in the detection of clinically significant cancer. Not only does the use of transperineal template biopsy technique significantly reduce the ris... more
nuada5 The latest development in the prostate diagnostics field involves the fusion of the areas of suspicion, as detected on the multi-parametric MRI, with the live Ultrasound image during the transperineal template biopsy procedure. Specifically designed software allows the radiologist to contour both the prostate and the areas of suspicions to create a biopsy plan. This plan is then loaded onto the live ultrasound i... more
slider-nms-reporting-biopsy Example histopathology reports from our reporting team at Bostwick Laboratories All biopsies are reported by one of our specialist histopathology team. Reports are available to referring clinicians electronically and via hard copy. All reports are illustrated with the key clinical images. See example reports below (PDF: opens in new window) Histopathology example report 1 Histopathology example report 2... more
slider-nms-tgb-biopsy Clinical-Pathologic Correlation Between Transperineal Mapping Biopsies of the Prostate and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Prostatectomy Specimens. Authors: Crawford ED, Rove KO, Barqawi AB, Maroni PD, Werahera PN, Baer CA, Koul HK, Rove CA, Lucia MS, La Rosa FG. Journal: Prostate. 2012 Nov 20. doi: 10.1002/pros.22622. [Epub ahead of print] Affiliation: Division of Urology, University of Colorado, Ansc... more