Prostate cancer

1 Based at 19 Harley Street, Nuada Urology is a team of urology specialists brought together by Nuada Medical to provide high quality, sub-specialist, rapid access service for patients with urological conditions.... more
4 Overview by Mr Marc Laniado The aim of all prostate cancer treatments is to preserve “Quality of Life” without sacrificing control of the cancer. Because the focal therapies, Cyrotherapy and HIFU, are far less invasive then radical surgery and radiotherapy, there are less side-effects in terms of quality of life. Outcomes including incidence of erectile dysfunction and sexual problems are much reduced. The... more
Hashim Ahmed 3 Overview by Mr Hashim Ahmed The first thing to say is that the majority of men over 60 will have one or more prostate cancer lesions, but only 3% of those will die of the disease. What is important is to find tumours that are likely to affect the patient's life and only treat those. About the prostate The prostate is a small gland that secretes much of the liquid portion of semen, the milky fluid that transports s... more
5 Mr Hashim Ahmed explaining the prostate cancer pathway Published on 23 Nov 2015 - 5 mins Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment has evolved enormously in the last few years. Mr Hashim Ahmed here explains the new methods of diagnosing and treating prostate cancer which are allowing patients to continue to have a high quality of life with less of the traditional side effects.   High Intensity Focused ... more