Videos – prostate cancer

Mr Hashim Ahmed explaining the prostate cancer pathway

Published on 23 Nov 2015 – 5 mins

Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment has evolved enormously in the last few years. Mr Hashim Ahmed here explains the new methods of diagnosing and treating prostate cancer which are allowing patients to continue to have a high quality of life with less of the traditional side effects.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment by Mr Hashim Ahmed

Published on 23 Nov 2015 – 11 mins

Mr Hashim Ahmed explaining the new prostate cancer treatment method HIFU. Prostate Cancer treatment has developed over the last couple of years from a choice of no treatment or whole gland treatment to the choice of focal treatment. Focal treatment targets only the cancerous lesions and leaves the rest of the prostate gland intact. This means the side effects from treatment are greatly reduced.

Mr Hashim Ahmed explaining the Prostate Cancer treatment HIFU

Published on 23 Nov 2015 – 2 mins

Mr Hashim Ahmed of UCLH is an expert in the minimally invasive treatment of Prostate Cancer. Here he explains the treatment ‘High Intensity Focus Ultrasound Ablation of the Prostate’. This treatment targets just the cancerous lesions of the gland which greatly reduces side effects.

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